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Product name: ED8 microphone special audio transformer

Power phase number: polyphase

Moistureproof method: open

Cooling method: oil-immersed air-cooled

Cooling mode: dry

Frequency characteristic: low frequency

Winding type: double winding

Core form: amorphous alloy

Core shape: E type

External structure: Vertical

Brand: ZXY

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Product Description:

Exchange 600 Eur 1; The five legs of the isolation transformer are tapped in the middle, and the four legs are not tapped

Input/output impedance of 600 Ω and impedance matching circuit system

An isolating transformer removes alternating current frequency interference

The system USES an isolating transformer that interrupts the ac return of the rear stage audio equipment

The isolating transformer prevents the output of the pre-stage equipment from burning down

Can solve the system grounding generated by the hum

Reduce external interference in balanced and unbalanced transmissions

Product Advantages:

1, factory direct in the mainland of the self-built factory, labor and strong production capacity is sure, complete production equipment

2. Quality assurance: All products are produced with standard materials, and raw material certificates can be provided

3. Professional customization only requires customers to provide drawings or samples, which can be professionally customized for you. Limited product brochures are not all displayed

4, small volume, high inductance value, free samples, manufacturers direct, spot sales

Application Scope:

Lapel microphone, camera microphone, wired/wireless microphone, instrument microphone audio amplifier, microphone, communication equipment, high-end speakers


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