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Shenzhen zhijun cheung source electronics co., LTD., founded in February 2005, the management team from taiyo yuden foundry technical team, committed to the inductor, transformer series of electronics research and development, production, sales for the integration of science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, the historical accumulation of nearly 20 years experience in transformer manufacturing, technical precipitation and accumulation for a long period of time, have more guarantee the quality of product. All products are made of materials that meet the requirements of environmental protection, and can provide certification of raw materials.

The main products are; Audio transformer, SMD transformer, Hill He-Jin transformer, EI transformer, ED8 transformer, ED7 transformer, high frequency transformer, power inductor, magnetic ring inductor, magnetic glue inductor, etc. The products are mainly used in induction speakers, magic speakers, security products, remote control toys, network communications, walkie-talkies, rockers, intelligent water meters, collar-clip microphones, camera microphones, wired/wireless microphones, musical instrument microphones, audio amplifiers, high-end access control systems, floor robots and other fields.

We will with high quality products, excellent service, preferential price, good reputation, warmly welcome the presence and cooperation of domestic and foreign customers, thank you very much for choosing zhixiangyuan electronic products! As long as you give zhixiangyuan people a phone, an email, a fax or online communication, Zhixiangyuan people will have professionals to provide you with fast, quality, intimate services!



Shenzhen Zhixiangyuan Electronics Co. LTD

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