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EL14 isolated audio transformer
EL14 isolated audio transformer

Inductance: 600MH: 600MH

Isolation voltage: 1200V, 1mA, 1minute

Frequency bandwidth: about 20Hz~20KHz

Skeleton: EI14

Ac impedance ratio: 600:600 [@1khz,0dB.]

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Product advantage

The material USES Hill Neevil alloy, which can be customized according to customers' requirements. The Amount of Nickel in Berg Neevil alloy is up to 80%, so the inductance value of Neevil is several times higher than that of ordinary siliceous steel, and the sound quality is better.

Range of application

The material is permalloy, the sound quality is much better than that of other audio transformers, especially in the low frequency performance compared with other transformers. With high magnetic permeability and high sensitivity, the price is mainly related to the cost considerations such as the material phase of the material used and the weight of the material used. If a good performance is expected in the bass, it is suggested to choose an audio transformer of Hill Neevil alloy.

The purpose of this transformer: It is used for the demo board of telephone recording box and the telephone recording box of mass production.

For example, when receiving DTMF signal, FSK call display and other audio fields use quarantine.


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