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EI24 low frequency transformer
EI24 low frequency transformer

Product name: EI24 low frequency transformer

Power phase number: polyphase

Moistureproof method: open

Cooling method: oil-immersed air-cooled

Cooling mode: dry

Frequency characteristic: low frequency

Winding type: double winding

Core form: amorphous alloy

Core shape: E type

External structure: Vertical

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Product description: this model is not in stock, according to customer needs to customize products, free of charge to make samples

Product advantage

1, factory direct selling: in the mainland of the self-built factory, labor and strong production capacity is sure, complete production equipment

2. Quality assurance: all products are produced with standard materials, and raw material certificates can be provided

3. Professional customization: customers only need to provide drawings or samples, which can be professionally customized for you. Limited product brochures are not all displayed

4. Historical accumulation: Nearly 20 years of transformer manufacturing experience, long time of technical precipitation and accumulation, is more guarantee for product quality

Application: it is mainly used for elevator talker, elevator receiver, elevator phone, elevator three-way five-way talker, monitoring equipment, doorbell intercom, floor elevator caller


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