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Product name: ED8 1:1 audio transformer with shield

Power phase number: single phase

Moisture-proof method: potting and sealing

Cooling method: oil-immersed air-cooled

Cooling mode: liquid/oil immersion

Frequency characteristic: low frequency

Winding type: double winding

Core form: amorphous alloy

Core shape: E type

External structure: shielded type

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The product description

600 Euro 1:1 isolating transformer

Better shielding with tape

Input/output impedance of 600 Ω and impedance matching circuit system

An isolating transformer removes alternating current frequency interference

The system USES an isolating transformer that interrupts the ac return of the rear stage audio equipment

The isolating transformer prevents the output of the pre-stage equipment from burning down

Can solve the system grounding generated by the hum

Reduce external interference in balanced and unbalanced transmissions

It is used in conference room, gymnasium, microphone, microphone audio amplification, microphone communication device high-end speaker, audio peripherals for mobile performance, etc

Product Advantages:

This hot - selling product, shielding effect strong, high fidelity, inductance value high, high nickel content, manufacturers direct, a large number of spot, free samples, delivery fast


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