EI16 horizontal audio transformer

In radio communication, broadcast television, automatic control as a voltage amplifier, power output circuit components. The frequency response of the audio transformer is uniform in the working frequency band. Its core is composed of superposition of highly conductive materials. The primary and secondary windings are coupled closely. The lowest frequency of the passband is determined by the original winding inductance, and the highest frequency is determined by the transformer leakage inductance. To ensure that the transformer has enough passband, the original winding inductance should be large, the leakage inductance should be small. The magnetic hysteresis loss and saturation of the core will cause signal distortion. The effect of hysteresis loss can be reduced by properly allocating load and increasing load current. By increasing the cross-section of the core and leaving an air gap, the magnetic circuit can not be saturated, which can reduce the distortion of the signal.

Product Description:

Factory direct selling: in the mainland self-built workshop, labor and strong production capacity can be sure, complete production equipment quality assurance: all products are used in accordance with the standards of material production, can provide raw material certification

Professional customization: only customers need to provide drawings or samples, can be customized for you, limited product atlas is not all displayed

Historical accumulation: nearly 20 years of transformer manufacturing experience, long time of technical precipitation and accumulation, is more guarantee for product quality

Product advantages: high inductance value, sound quality, manufacturers direct sale, spot sale, free samples

Application: Induction speaker, magic speaker, Lion roar speaker, speaker amplifier, wireless speaker, walkie-talkie

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