EI14 microphone dedicated audio transformer

Product Description:

This type is out of stock, and customized products are required by customers. The amount of nickel in GlassNeevil alloy is up to 80%, so the inductance value of Weevil will be several times higher than that of ordinary siliceous steel, and the sound quality will be better.

The material is permalloy, the sound quality is much better than that of other audio transformers, especially in the low frequency performance compared with other transformers. With high magnetic permeability and high sensitivity, the price is mainly related to the cost considerations such as the material phase of the material used and the weight of the material used. If a good performance is expected in the bass, it is suggested to choose an audio transformer of Hill Neevil alloy.

Product advantage:

1, factory direct in the mainland of the self-built factory, labor and strong production capacity is sure, complete production equipment

2. Quality assurance: All products are produced with standard materials, and raw material certificates can be provided

3. Professional customization only requires customers to provide drawings or samples, which can be professionally customized for you. Limited product brochures are not all displayed

4. Nearly 20 years' experience in transformer manufacturing has been accumulated in history, and long-term technical precipitation and accumulation are more guarantees for product quality

Application: audio, HIFI audio, lapel microphone, camera microphone, wired/wireless microphone, instrument microphone amplifier, microphone, communication equipment, high-end speaker

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