EFD20 high frequency transformer

Product Description:

This product is customized, the price depends on the complexity of the product process, customer requirements on raw materials, and whether there is a requirement for safety certification.

EFD20 high frequency transformer has the characteristics of small size, low height, low price and high reliability

Application Scenario:

EFD20 high frequency transformers are commonly used in DC-DC converters, drive transformers, digital cameras, booster transformers, handheld switching power chargers, etc.

Raw material guarantee

All of our raw material suppliers have also passed UL certification. If the customer has special designation for materials, we will purchase the materials of the specified brand strictly in accordance with the customer's requirements. If we need to change suppliers under special circumstances, we will choose from the suppliers of the same level or higher, and we will certainly obtain the customer's consent in advance. We will never do a shoddy thing!

Process to ensure

Our production process documents are made in strict accordance with the customer's acknowledgement, and we have strict production process control procedures to ensure that our mass-produced products are exactly the same as the samples provided to customers.

Quality assurance

Our products have to go through three strict tests in the production process: sampling test in the production process to prevent batch quality problems; After the completion of production, the production department will make full measurement of the inductance, winding number, leakage inductance, DC resistance, high voltage and other performance indicators. The quality department should recheck all the main function index and appearance of the product before packaging. Strict test process control to ensure that our products are foolproof!

Delivery guarantee

My company's code of conduct is: promise we can do, do what we promised, can't do things we won't promise, promise things we must do! We promise that we will try our best to meet the delivery date of the customer. In case of force majeure, we will inform the customer in advance and try our best to make up for it.

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